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Instagram: Troy Tate

Troy Tate

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

Favorite NANO Supplement: Men's Multivitamin


Troy Tate was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. he grew up competing in the martial arts of Judo with his father as his coach. Troy was a multi-state, national and international judo champion and a 2nd-degree black belt. He competed for 18 years from 1980-1998.


Troy started his fitness journey in 1993 and started competing in 1994 and was hooked ever since. From 1994 to 2014, he competed in 30 bodybuilding contests including an IFBB pro contest which was the IFBB Phoenix Europa in 2014. Troy placed 8th in the Bodybuilding 212 division out of 25 professional athletes. Currently, one of his biggest passions more than anything, is being a trainer and giving back to the fitness industry.


Troy started helping and training clients in 1995. So for over 25 years now, Troy has been helping people change their lives with getting in shape, getting healthy and works with competitive athletes who compete in bodybuilding, powerlifting and judo.


Sheree Perez

Pro Adaptive Wakeboarding Rider


Favorite NANO Supplement: Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies


Sheree is known to be among the “crème de la crème” of wakeboarding’s finest. Sometimes there are hardships in life that may try and crush our spirits, but there are some that do not let anything hold them down or crush their spirits. overcoming all challenge and obstacles that life may toss their way. Despite it all and without knowing it, they are the light that shines bright in this world. Certain people have an aura, an energetic field, a vibe that uplifts all those around them.

“This girl charges!” with her sliding smoothly on the ramps, spinning on the rails and going BIG off the kickers! 

Instagram: Sheree Perez

Sheree Perez.jpg

Victoria Thierens



Favorite NANO Supplement: Oxyburn

Victoria is a bikini fitness competitor in Colorado. She loves to see the transformations and growth that can take place in the body. For her second bikini show, Victoria played around with her diet and went completely vegan, placing in the top 5 of her class at the NPC Rocky.

She's a hard-working mother with two kids under the age of two. She strives to find the perfect balance between home life, work, and excelling to reach personal and relational goals. For the past 4 years, her study has been focused on human consciousness and ascension and how the daily choices we make paired with the world we live in can change our reality.

In Victoria's free time, you will find her meditating, journaling, or reading. She also loves spending time outdoors and splurging a little on self-care.

Arnold Sic

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


Favorite NANO Supplement: Multivitamin Gummies

Arnold is originally from Providence Rhode Island but moved to Palm Beach Florida in his early childhood. Throughout his childhood Arnold overcame many health challenges which resulted in him being out of shape. He always had a dream of becoming an athlete and was a huge Rocky fan. Tired of being that "out of shape guy", he took the next steps to better himself and started boxing a few times a week. His boxing coach introduced him to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2014 which ignited his passion and competitive nature. The more he trained the more obsessed he became.

What started out as just a hobby, eventually became his way of life. Arnold continually pushes himself to become the best he can possibly be, and uses his frustration as fuel.


By evaluating his lifestyle regularly, he customizes his diet and training routines to persevere through every plateau. As of now Arnold is strictly focused on the highest level of competition in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. His goal is to be a World Champion and Pan American Champion.

Instagram: Arnold Sic

NANO Athlet Landley.heic

Landley Mannery

Instagram: Landley Mannery



Favorite NANO Supplement: NEURO+ Brain & Focus

Landley Mannery IFBB Pro is originally from Long Beach, California but has lived in Midland Texas since he was six. As a child Mannery recalls watching his father lift weights in his grandmother's garage which was a big source of inspiration. Throughout Landley's adolescence and teen years he became involved with football and track which awarded him a full ride scholarship with ASU in 1994.


Landley, Majors in Psychology with a Minor in Education. After graduating college, Mannery began to follow his first dream of becoming a Pro-Bodybuilder. Just this year in 2021,


Mannery competed in Pittsburgh at the NPC Masters Nationals and took 1st in his division and won the overall title, which granted him with the official IFBB Pro Status where he won his Pro Card!  Mannery is now a school teacher as well as a strength and conditioning coach for young children, teenagers and adults. His goal is to give back by educating his students and clients about overall healthy living and nutrition.


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