Achieving the Impossible, Through Natural Altered States of Consciousness

Written by: Alice Darling, LMT.

Modern science provides us with ways to study and understand the way the observable world interacts around us, and within us. For over 100 years researchers have discovered many times over that the way a person performs, can completely eclipse our previous notions of physical “laws”. The gap may be closing between what is possible, and what we think we can only dream of. So how do we achieve hyper focus, break past our pre-conceived barriers, and defy limitation? The answer may be found inside of our consciousness; within a brain state known as Transient Hypofrontality.

Transient Hypofrontality (1) refers to the ability for the brain to actually temporarily shut down the frontal cortex for optimal efficiency. This is done in order to focus all energy into

attention on a present task. During this altered state of consciousness, a complete nervous system reset happens. As a result, there is a boost in the production of positively reinforcing chemicals in the brain like dopamine and serotonin; as well as larger classification groups such as endorphins and endocannabinoids. In fact, there is now so much attention on this topic that we now more commonly refer to this phenomenon as: Flow State.

What is Flow State?

Flow State (2) is a measurable altered state of consciousness, or temporary change in the way the brain normally functions. Flow is a neuropsychological state, that produces optimal performance during any activity, any experience, or any decision-making process. Flow state even effects happiness, self-image, creativity, motivation, and attention on a synaptic level. The image of time fades into the background, and a person can become fully present, moving seamlessly from moment to moment, task to task. The longer Flow State is sustained, the greater the effect on performance enhancement ranging from daily tasks, to high level athletic, artistic, academic, and even entrepreneurial achievements. Studies suggest this brain training creates lasting effects over several days, even after a person falls out of flow state. This can be experienced by an individual, or manifest as a shared flow state in a group or organization.

How does utilizing Flow State lead to increased performance?

Did you know you can actually improve your function and focus by 400%-1000% during sustained Flow State? This fundamental signature can be observed time and time again in anyone who practices activating this neurocognitive state of consciousness. Flow Psychologist and Professor Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi (3) said, “Optimal experience is something that you make happen!” In order to “make it happen”, he has identified several key components that must be present:

1. Clear goals

2. Immediate feedback

3. Deep Concentration

4. Balance between opportunity and skill level capacity

5. Sense of control

6. Loosing awareness of self, full immersion into the task

7. Transformation of the experience of time

8. Intrinsic reward in task not just the end goal

Researchers found that the highest achieving individuals in all areas and industries are those who naturally or purposefully sustain Flow State for longer, and more frequently.

A fascinating example of achieving the impossible pertains to professional surfers.

The previous observation from physicists was that there was no possible way to surf a wave over 25 feet; that it was a physical impossibility. This knowledge was presented at a time even pre-dating physics, as surfing has been in existence since

400 A.D. Thus, for roughly 1,600 years humans considered a

25-foot ocean wave to be the absolute maximum height possible to surf. However as of 1996, through the practice of Flow State, it became routine for surfers to interact with ocean waves of 100ft. From athletes to artists, we as humans are creating a complete paradigm shift and redefining our known physical laws because of the magic hidden in our neurology. The sentiment “mind over matter” has now become measurable fact.

How does emerging biotechnology help us sharpen Flow State?

Author and entrepreneur Steven Kotler has said “What is in pill form today, will be in technological form tomorrow.”

In essence, altered states of consciousness like Flow can become available to us on demand in the near future. This has a domino effect on the limitations we experience in our minds, nervous systems, and physical abilities. Biotechnology advances also assist us in measuring neuroscience phenomena like Flow, in order for humans to achieve this optimal state faster, and longer.

How do NANO supplements assist Flow State?

Have you ever noticed that when you feel your best, you perform your best? Have you ever heard the phrase: you are what you eat? Making our bodies optimal receivers or conduits for Flow State only increases our access to optimal performance. If you could increase your performance level two times that would likely sound good to you. What if you could increase your performance level by 3 times, four times, or five times? Our level of nutritional refinement directly effects our ability to sustain and re-create circumstances for Flow State; giving the altered state of consciousness more fuel for the fire.

Remember that anyone, anywhere, at any time can achieve Flow State with practice.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s achieve the impossible!

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