NANO Sponsors Chris Corning Pro Snowboarder

NANO is thrilled to announce Chris Corning Professional Snowboarder as a Sponsored Athlete!

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With Corning joining the NANO Athlete Team we hope our sponsorship will provide him with an added boost and a competitive edge in his overall health and wellbeing as he prepares to compete in Worlds and other future contests.

Corning will compete at Worlds in Aspen, CO at the 2021 Freeski and Snowboard World Championships.

Aspen will host two of the World's premier skiing and snowboarding competitions at Buttermilk Ski Area. The 2021 Freeski and Snowboard World Championships are taking place just over a month after Buttermilk hosted some of the same athletes at the Winter X Games.

Worlds will include Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air contests for both men and women's skiing and snowboarding. Aside from World Championships, a World Cup Grand Prix will take place only a few days after but will be limited only to Slopestyle and Halfpipe contests.

Worlds was originally scheduled to take place in China this year, but all FIS (International Ski Federation) events were canceled in the country because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Aspen stepped in as a last-second replacement after Calgary backed out. The World Championships are scheduled for March 10-16th with the Grand Prix set for March 18-21st. The Grand Prix will serve as the primary 2022 Olympic qualifier for American athletes.

Corning is the reigning slopestyle World Champion, having won two years ago when Park City, Utah, hosted the event. He also competed at Worlds in 2017, hosted by Sierra Nevada, Spain, taking Silver in Big Air and Bronze in Slopestyle. There was no Big Air competition at Worlds in 2019 due to the weather.

As we welcomed Chris to the NANO Athlete Team we were excited to get to know more about him and his experience in professional snowboarding. Here's what he had to say about his snowboarding career and experience so far!

NANO: "How old were you when you first went snowboarding and when did you realize that it was a passion of yours?" Chris Corning: "I started snowboarding when I was 7. My dad took me up to the mountain when I was 3 for the first time to ski and I switched over to snowboarding when I was 7. We would go up there on the weekends. I won my first World Cup at 15 and from that point I wanted to take on snowboarding as a career and have been doing that for 6 years."

NANO: "How old were you when you first went snowboarding and when did you realize that it was a passion of yours?"

Chris Corning: "I didn't have a coach when I started competing at the age of 12. A lot of kids already had coaches and I didn't so I'd be up there at the top of the mountain by myself while everyone else that was competing was up there with some of the top coaches. My Dad worried because he didn't have coach credentials so he was nervous he wouldn't be able to get into the start gates. My Dad was always right there waiting for me down at the end of the run and was a huge support. Then Seth Hill (another pro snowboarder) came around and coached me for a little while which helped me out a lot. I had my first full year of coaching at the age of 15."

NANO: "What has it been like preparing to compete going into Worlds? What does a typical day look like for you?"

Chris Corning: "It depends on what day we're talking about... I usually have a workout in the afternoon, and then hit a rail that's set up to work on rail riding. I also do breathing exercises in the morning and at night and go to my "brain guy" when he has time during the week. If he's not traveling sometimes I'll see him twice in one week, but other times I wont get to see him for a month or so."

NANO: "Can you expand a little bit more on the breathing exercises that you do?"

Chris Corning: "It's all about getting into a flow state. My brain guy's a big proponent of waking up and going to sleep in a good mood. It's important to start your day the right way and it helps you calm down before sleep. I do a style of breathing called "box breathing" which is 4 seconds in and 4 seconds out. There's a different style where you breathe 4 seconds in, hold for 4 seconds, and then exhale for 4 seconds out. I do it every morning and every night; it just gets me into a state of wanting to work hard and to make sure that I get everything done that I need to do."

NANO: "What are some of the biggest challenges you've overcome? Related to snowboarding or other?"

Chris Corning: "Injuries have been some of the toughest stuff. In 2018 in Alaska at the last Olympics I had a pretty bad hip injury that I had to ride through for the entire year of the Olympics and two years before that I had a foot injury where I tore my Lisfranc (1)

(the ligament that holds the arch of your foot up). They said they couldn't do surgery and that they'd have to fuse the entire foot together. To this day I still tape my foot up every single day. Until I'm done snowboarding that will be something that I have to do.

It can also be tough watching the progression of riding. When people in Europe are able to ride and the US doesn't get the snow and isn't able to go it's tough to watch and can make you feel like you're falling behind. But it pushed me really hard in the time that I was able to be on the mountain."

NANO: "What do you do for fun when you're not snowboarding?"

Chris Corning: "I dirt bike and also wakeboard which are both a lot of fun."

NANO: "Have you ever taught anyone how to snowboard? Like friends or family?"

Chris Corning: "I've taught people how to do some tricks and stuff but I usually try to stay away from teaching friends or family on how to actually snowboard because you can ruin a lot of relationships like that. There are so many people that are at the mountain and that's their job; they are really good at it and they're patient. They don't know somebody on a personal level like friends or family do so they can help push someone without them getting as frustrated. I try to keep it separate between having fun and taking it seriously as a career."

NANO: "How does the snow affect the way your experience goes when you're riding?"

Chris Corning: "It depends on what you're going for. If you're going for powder riding the nice fluffy snow is super fun and makes powder riding really good for face shots.

For contest riding and what I do for work, there can be all kinds of snow. Man made snow can be super icy and sticky and weather can make it hard to see. It's not a sport that's inside or in a controlled environment at all. It's you against the elements. I have a wax tech at contests that looks at the weather and is on the mountain the night before. He has overlays at the top and can put wax on the board for different types of snow. It's a pretty scientific deal that he's got going on over there and it's helpful to have him. Snow plays a huge part in what you can and can't do at a contest.

You can either clear the jump or you can't.

Weather decides if you have a contest or it gets canceled so a lot of it is up in the air. I flew all the way out to Europe just to have a contest cancelled and not be able to compete. It seems like whenever you have to compete, the weather decides to roll in."

NANO: "How do you pump yourself up? Do you have a routine?"

Chris Corning: "I listen to music a lot of the time. I change it up sometimes though because I'm not so much of a routinely based person because my life just isn't very routine. It doesn't make me feel comfortable to be in a routine and it doesn't bother me to have things change. I try to get my heart rate down and get into a relaxed state where I'm not nervous, and I focus on breathing and visualization. I visualize my run from top to bottom with every single thing in it. Every turn, every place that I'm going to do anything. For big contests I usually always have music, because it can be scary and it can help to pump me up. It just depends on the course and the day."

NANO: "Who's your ideal riding crew?"

Chris Corning: "I like to ride with anybody on any day unless I'm training.

But just for fun I love riding with my friends and girlfriend and just like to hang out, go to the park, and shred the mountain. For training I just go with my coaches at the top and maybe one other person who is also training pretty hard."

NANO: "What's your training schedule like?"

Chris Corning: "It depends on jumps. There are usually 4 weeks at the beginning of the year that we go train over in Europe. In the middle of the Winter there's not that much time because we're usually competing. I don't get to ride as much just for fun with friends until later in the year. I usually train between 2-4 hours a day."

NANO: "Talk to me about your next competition and what it's been like preparing for Worlds."

Chris Corning: "Worlds take place once every 2 years and I'm excited to have it here in Colorado. Last time I won slopestyle but Big Air got cancelled because of weather so hopefully this year they have good weather and we can do both of the contests. They were pretty nervous this year that it wasn't going to happen but Aspen is allowing it and they're putting it on. I'm hoping all of the countries are able to show up; it should be a pretty big contest that's worth a lot of points and has a lot of good publicity around it. I'm excited to have it here in the U.S. and I hope I do well. As long as I put down all my tricks that I know I can do then I should do pretty well."

NANO: "What's your favorite trick?" Chris Corning: "Um, I'd have to say a Backside 720"

Here's a link you can follow to check out Corning's Backside 720 during one of his runs at the Burton US Open. Chris Corning 2018 Burton

NANO is a proud sponsor and we wish you the best at World's Chris!

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