Take your performance to the next level with the Men's NANO Trifecta. Each bundle contains three amazing products designed to help you reach your optimal performance. 


1. Nitric Shock Preworkout to energize your body and get you primed for your workout.

2. BCAA Shock to jumpstart your recovery and promoe muscle growth.

3. Men's Multivitamin to ensure that you have all the nutriets you need to be at your best. 


Save 20% compared to if you bought all three products individually. Which means you're getting the multivitamins for free!


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  • This bundle contains three key supplements designed to help improve your performance, recovery and wellness. 

    Performance: NITRIC SHOCK PREWORKOUT (30-servings)

    Recovery: BCAA SHOCK (45-servings)

    Wellness: MEN'S MULTI-VITAMIN (30-servings)

    Shelf-Life of 1.5-years